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Introducing the Bull Agro Ridge Plaster! Our latest Field Bund Making Machine features imported Hydraulic Cylinder with Plaster Drum and Bund Height Adjustment for superior bund finishing. Perfect for wet field application, particularly in paddy fiel

Salient Feature

 Employs a heavy-duty imported cylinder for winding the machine during road transport ensuring robust performance.

  Utilizes Duo Cone oil seals on both sides of the rotor assembly providing excellent sealing capabilities particularly in wet field conditions.

  Implements Stainless Steel Grade SS 304 for plaster wings to prevent wear and rust ensuring long-lasting durability.

  Offers a versatile option with two blades in one rotor – PT-Power Tiller blade and K series blade – suitable for various soil conditions.

  Features a heavy-duty 7-module pinion and crown gearbox designed for prolonged duty applications.

  Mounts the plaster drum on taper roller bearings for heavy-duty use contributing to the overall durability of the equipment.

  Incorporates a hydraulic transportation lock to prevent cylinder seal damage during transport.

  Utilizes an anti-clockwise rotor blade arrangement to maximize soil filling on top of the bund.

  Maintains optimum drum speed for superior soil compression and impeccable bund finishing.

  Utilizes R2 special hydraulic hoses with sleeves and QRC coupling for easy fitment and removal ensuring convenient maintenance.