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Born to Rule the PADDY FIELD.

Salient Feature

SL.No. Series Model Working Width Speed Side Driver Tractor HP Weight Type of Blade No. of Blade
1 Toro Plus 36 SSG 5 Ft/1500 mm Single Gear 35-40 HP 335 Kg L/C/J 36
2 Toro Plus 42 SSG 6 Ft/1750 mm Single Gear 40-45 HP 360 Kg L/C/J 42
3 Toro 36 SSG 5 Ft/1500 mm Single Chain 35-40 HP 330 Kg L/C/J 36
4 Toro 42 SSG 6 Ft/1750 mm Single Chain 40-45 HP 345 Kg L/C/J 42

 Tailored specifically for use in paddy fields ensuring optimal performance in this specialized environment.

  Demonstrates exceptional capability in preparing seed beds particularly in clay soil conditions.

  Features a lightweight design enhancing maneuverability and ease of use.

  Demonstrates fuel efficiency contributing to cost-effective and sustainable operations.

  Utilizes oil-lubricated rotor bearings for smooth and reliable functionality.

  Equipped with three stages of waterproof Duo Cone oil seals ensuring protection against water ingress.

  Offers a variety of blade options including L/C/J types and is fitted with high-quality Bull Blades.

  Features an adjustable hi-tech bracket for customized operational settings.

  Boasts anti-corrosion powder coating providing durability and protection against environmental elements.

  Incorporates a depth skid with multiple adjustments allowing for precise control during operation.

  Utilizes long-lasting superior quality components ensuring trouble-free performance over an extended lifespan.

  Employs a heavy-duty gear drive mechanism contributing to a longer operational life.