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Salient Feature

ModelWorking WidthSpeed Side DriverTractor HPWeightType of BladeNo. of BladesInput RPMRotor RPM
1FE5 FT SSG1520 mmSingleGear35-40 HP305 KgSmall L/C42



2FE5.5 FT SSG1675 mmSingleGear40-45 HP320 KgSmall L/C48
3FE6 FT SSG1885 mmSingleGear45-50 HP340 KgSmall L/C54
4FE7 FT SSG2100 mmSingleGear52-55 HP360 KgSmall L/C60
5FE8 FT SSG2310 mmSingleGear52-55 HP390 KgSmall L/C66

 Specifically crafted with a lightweight and specialized design making it ideal for efficient wetland puddling.

  Incorporates dual cone floating seals on both sides ensuring waterproofing and extending the operational life.

  Features specially designed Zyrovator Blades in both L Type and C Type enhancing puddling efficiency and fuel economy. Equipped with uniquely designed depth skids to alleviate the load on tractors during operation.

  Maintains an optimum rotor speed synchronized with the tractor speed contributing to enhanced puddling effectiveness.