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Salient Feature

Model Working Width Tractor HP Weight No of Bottom
BPP450 (Plate) 600 mm 45 – 50 hp 400 Kg 2
BPP470 (Tube) 550 – 650 mm 45 – 50 hp 380 Kg 2

 Utilizes a spiral shape moldboard to effectively invert the soil during the ploughing process.

  Features an adjustable bar point for deep ploughing allowing for customization based on soil and cultivation requirements.

  Incorporates a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder ensuring robust performance in challenging field conditions.

  Offers two-way entry angle adjustment providing flexibility in adapting to different soil types and terrains.

  Utilizes heavy-duty needle roller bearings for smooth and reliable operation.

  Employs a forged axle for rotation contributing to the overall durability and longevity of the equipment.

  Utilizes boron steel for the moldboard ensuring strength and resilience in demanding ploughing tasks.

  Features an EN 8 share and bar point known for its durability and effectiveness in soil inversion.

  Boasts a 40 mm thickness arm support providing additional strength and stability during ploughing operations.