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Rotavator Regular

Salient Feature

ModelWorking WidthTractor HPWeightNo of Blades
30 SSC4 feet30 – 35 Hp330 Kg30
30 SSG4 feet30 – 35 Hp345 Kg30
36 SSC5 feet35 – 40 Hp360 Kg36
36 SSG5 feet35 – 40 Hp385 Kg36
42 SSC6 feet40 – 45 HP370 Kg42
42 SSG6 feet40 – 45 HP395 Kg42

 Offered in both single and multi-speed options to cater to diverse preferences and requirements.

  Incorporates high-quality raw materials to ensure superior performance and durability.

  Features a well-balanced rotor assembly to enhance overall operational stability.

  A lightweight machine designed to be suitable for 35-45 Hp tractors without the need for creeper gear.

  The specially designed trailing board prevents the re-feeding of soil and crop residuals maintaining operational efficiency.

  The optimized flange diameter allows for increased depth without overloading the tractor and minimizing wheel slippage.