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Rotary Tiller – Mini series

Salient Feature

ModelWorking WidthTractor HPWeightNo of Blades
MRT 16 offset gear box2.5 feet15 – 20 Hp150 Kg16
MRT 16 center gear box2.5 feet15 – 20 Hp150 Kg16
MRT 20 center gear box3 feet20 – 25 Hp180 Kg20
MRT 24 center gear box4 feet25 Hp190 Kg24

 MRT 16 and 20 models are tailored for inter-crop cultivation whereas MRT 24 is specifically crafted for orchard applications.

  The arrangement of overlapping blades effectively minimizes wear ensuring prolonged blade life.

  A well-balanced rotor assembly contributes to extended bearing and oil seal longevity.

  The helical arrangement of blades facilitates optimal pulverization enhancing overall performance.

  The main frame offers two mounting options for 3-point linkage providing flexibility in application.

  Manufactured with Gleason Standard gears the machine operates with reduced noise levels.

  The uniquely designed tapered rear door eliminates unsightly side frame and chain cover line marks in the field.

  The machine boasts an optimal hull distance promoting superior pulverization for enhanced results.