MM12 L Type

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MM12 L Type

Available both L and C Types.

Salient Feature

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ModelHole Size (mm)
Center Distance (mm)

Weight (kg)

1 Rotavator Small “L” type
Bull MM 12


 It is suitable for the Wedland application.

  Material Composition: Constructed with 28/30 MCB5 Boron Steel renowned for its strength and wear resistance.

  Hardness Level: Heat-treated to achieve a hardness of HRC  48 – 50 providing a balanced mix of hardness and flexibility.

  Enhanced Flexibility: Designed for impact absorption ensuring the blades can withstand shocks without breaking. Optimized for Strength: The choice of Boron Steel enhances overall blade robustness ideal for heavy-duty applications.

  Corrosion Resistance: Implicit in Boron Steel the blades likely offer good corrosion resistance for prolonged durability.

  Application Specificity: The L Type designation suggests a specialized design tailored for specific cutting or working applications.