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Dryland or Wetland; OPTIMUM Performance Guaranteed!

Salient Feature

SL.No. Series Model Working Width Speed Side Driver Tractor HP Weight Type of Blade No. of Blade
1 Optima 36 SSG/MSG 5Ft/1530mm Single/ Multi Gear 35-40 HP 400/410 Kg L/C 36
2 Optima 42 SSG/MSG 6Ft/1810mm Single/ Multi Gear 40-45 HP 420/430 Kg L/C 42
3 Optima 48 SSG/MSG 7Ft/2100mm Single/ Multi Gear 50-55 HP 440/450 Kg L/C 48

 Crafted to excel in both wet and dry land tillage applications ensuring versatility in usage.

  Well-suited for medium and light soil conditions providing adaptability across various terrains.

  Features oil-lubricated rotors on both sides contributing to smooth and efficient operation.

  Utilizes Duo cone oil seals on both sides to safeguard against mud and water ensuring prolonged durability.

  Offers a variety of blade options including L/C/J types allowing customization based on specific tillage requirements.