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Magnificent Rotary Tiller! The specialist in medium & hard soil surface.

Salient Feature

SI.No Series Model Working width Speed Side Drive Tractor HP Weight Type of BladeNo.of. Blades
1 MAGNUM 36 SSG 5 Ft/ 1500 mm Single Gear 35-40 HP 440 Kg L/C 36
2 MAGNUM 42 SSG 6 Ft/ 1750 mm Single Gear 40-45 HP 460 Kg L/C 42
3 MAGNUM Plus 36 MSG 5 Ft/ 1500 mm Multi Gear 35-40 HP 470 kg L/C 36
4 MAGNUM Plus 42 MSG 6 Ft/ 1750 mm Multi Gear 40-45 HP 490 Kg L/C 42

 Apt for medium clay and hard soils designed to handle challenging soil conditions effectively.

  Features a robust and heavy-duty structure ensuring durability and stability during operation.

  The well-designed inter space guarantees the absence of mud deposits between the main frame and rotor maintaining a 100 mm hull distance.

  Equipped with water/mud-proof dual cone floating seals ensuring an extended operational lifespan.

  Expertly sets the seedbed achieving precise and optimal results in soil preparation.

  Operates efficiently at PTO speeds of 540/1000RPM providing versatile performance.

  Incorporates three stages of oil seals to protect the gearbox side from mud and water enhancing overall durability.

  Allows for the adjustment of the application base gear ratio providing flexibility to meet varying operational requirements.